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Scrumptious BBQ Tempeh

Spicy tempeh and cool and crispy veggies in a tasty spinach wrap

Finally made it to @sunflowernash for lunch yesterday. Ironically, it was my carnivorous husband who first discovered the vegetarain/vegan cafe, sampled several dishes that he absolutely loved, then brought a bag-full of goodies home to me. That was over two years ago and I’ve been wanting to go to the restaurant to experience it myself first-hand ever since then.

This is the Buffalo Tempeh Wrap. It’s nice and spicy but also cool and crunchy with the shredded carrots and spring mix. I had it with a side of sesame kale. The wrap was so big I had to eat it in two settings! Now that I know exactly where it is and how close it is to work I’ll definitely be visiting more often!


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