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A Pie After My Own Heart

Looking for a great pizza with lots of fresh topping options? Try Uncle Maddio's!

Original Post Date: August 28, 2018

This past Friday I finally got a chance to eat at Uncle Maddio's Pizza. I mean, it's not like I couldn't have gone at any time before, but you know how it goes. You get into your little rut and eat at the same place over and over again until or unless someone suggest something different.

My boss suggested Uncle Maddio's and it couldn't have been a better choice. We went to the location in Jones Valley and I instantly fell in love. They have loads of fresh toppings and several pie sizes which means each guest can personalize their #pizza to their liking.

Fresh is Best

There is nothing more fun than picking your own toppings and then seeing that pizza go through a hot oven. When it comes out on the other side, you have a hot, fresh pizza on a delectably thin and crunchy crust that is absolutely delicious. They have vegan and #gluten-free options so there is truly something for everyone. Being plant-based myself, I thoroughly enjoyed my #vegan cheese, green olive, onion and mushroom pizza. It was a pie after my own heart! I know I'll be visiting a lot more in the future. And it's a great deal, too. The #lunch combo features a 6" pizza with three toppings, #salad and a drink for just $8.99. Check out the Jones Valley location in South #Huntsville or #Madison location on Hwy 72 West.

Update January 4, 2020

The Jones Valley location is now closed but the Madison location is still open.


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