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Hummus from Dry Chickpeas

The beautiful irony of making the richest, smoothest hummus from dried peas.

Homemade hummus from dried chickpeas with six-seed crackers.

This is the one and only coranavirus post I will make.

Shortly after my company mandated that we work from home in mid-March, (I'm a commercial property manager, an essential service), my husband and I went to shop for a few things. He had been the main one to go out gathering goods for the household and had been sharing tales of not being able to find certain things, so I wanted to join him, and see for myself. I anticipated that there would be no toilet paper and other paper goods, soap, and hand sanitizer but I could not have imagined the desolation that existed on the grocery store shelves.

I'm plant-based and eat relatively "healthy" so I just KNEW that all of "my foods" would be in plentiful supply. Boy was I wrong. Dead wrong.

I went down the canned goods aisle and just about everything was gone. Organic, non-organic, high-sodium, low-sodium, no-sodium, it didn't matter, it was GONE. Ghost. I was in mild shock - utter disbelief. But then, it started to make sense. Canned goods last a really long time so even if people don't normally eat certain foods, they might purchase any and all goods for just-in-case they run out of what they normally eat.

Since I couldn't find my store-brand organic canned chickpeas, I went to the next aisle over, the dry