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Amazing Loaded Vegan Nacho Cheese Fries

This dish is a twist on a classic favorite. Ooey gooey, super creamy and surprisingly very healthy!

Loaded Vegan Nacho Cheese Fries

My cousin and I were chatting back and forth the other night via text. We talked about usual stuff: life, family, and our favorite, FOOD!

She sent me a picture of some loaded cheese fries she’d gotten from a Mexican restaurant and I couldn’t get the image out of my head. I HAD to have them. The challenge was to create a plant-based version that would look and taste as delicious as her traditional dish. The challenge was on!

As luck would have it I had just made vegan nacho cheese from a recipe by Make It Dairy Free the day before. And it is absolutely delicious! I knew it would be one of the main ingredients in the dish. Next, I needed to find a really good meat substitute. Her fries had steak. I didn’t have the time to create mock steak so I opted for taco meat made from cauliflower and mushrooms, both of which I had on hand. Once the taco “meat” was made it was just a simple matter of assembling everything.

Here are recipes for the nacho cheese sauce and the taco meat.