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Why You Need to Eat S.O.U.L. Food

No, it's not fried chicken, black eyed peas, candied sweet potatoes or mac 'n' cheese but rather a helpful acronym to remember when buying fresh produce.

Spring is in full swing and we're all trying to get outside more and be as healthy as possible. Following the S.O.U.L. method will help ensure you meet your healthy food goals. Let's explore why you should eat S.O.U.L. food.

S - Seasonal - It's best to buy fresh produce when it's in season. Out-of-season produce is picked before it's ripe to allow shipping and transport time. Seasonal produce is picked at the peak of freshness and is so much tastier. And, some studies suggest that when plants are allowed to mature on the parent plant, they are much more nutritious.

Find out what's in season near you:

O - Organic - Buy organic when possible. Why? Because it's better for your health. Pesticides can wreak havoc on the body and can cause issues ranging from cancer to hormonal disruption to neurological problems. If you are concerned about the cost of organic produce there is good news - not all produce has to be organic. Each year the Environmental Working Group comes out with its list of the "Dirty Dozen" and the "Clean Fifteen". The "Clean Fifteen" have the lowest levels of pesticides. Again, organic is best, but there is some flexibility here.