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Natural Soaps for Sensitive Skin

Soap products from The Body Cafe are perfect for those with a variety of skin conditions.

As a young child I suffered miserably from eczema, and it continued to get worse in my teen years. I remember wearing long-sleeved shirts in high school to cover up the irritated and inflamed skin on my arms. I did not want my new boyfriend to see my horrible skin condition! My legs also bore the brunt of this terrible condition and I never knew when it would flare up, or what would make it flare up.

By my senior year in high school my mother had found a black dermatologist at Meharry Medical in Nashville who prescribed me something that turned out to be a miracle drug (I no longer remember what it was). It cleared up my skin within weeks, and calmed the raging itch. I do recall that it was in a base of Aquaphor. This miracle wouldn't last, though. When I was 21 and pregnant with my first child, I went to visit my fiance's grandmother in Mississippi. It was extremely hot that summer and the Deep South heat seemed to intensify the flare-up I was experiencing, most likely from the influx of pregnancy hormones in my body. The miracle drug from the good doctor at Meharry no longer seemed to help a