Bethany Lewis, Health Coach

A Little About Me

Hello, and welcome to my healthy place. In many ways, I have been on a health-focused path all my life. I knew when I was a very small child that I wanted to be a doctor, and I wanted to help people. While I didn't achieve my dream of becoming a doctor, I'm still passionate about helping people lead healthy lives. My primary health focus is food, because I absolutely adore it. We need food for simple survival and nourishment, and we can also utilize food to help prevent and even heal illness. 

While food is my primary focus, my ongoing drive is to pursue health in all areas of life - physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual - and share my findings with others.

Because I wanted to be a doctor, I tend to view food as medicine which is why I choose to follow a whole plant-based diet. I also ran a cake decorating business for two decades so I also view food from a creative angle so I try to plate my meals in a visually appealing way (if food looks beautiful, it's going to taste even better, right?). I love photography and travel and I'll share some of that here as well.


I have a B.S. in Sociology from Vanderbilt University and my Health & Life Coaching Certification from IAPO (International Association of Professional Organizations). I currently live in North Alabama with my husband, Daniel, and my mom, Ruby. Daniel and I have three children: Daniel, II, Dasia and Derek (affectionately known as 'Ma Chickpeas'). My dad, the late James Reeves, who lives in my heart forever, is also a big source of inspiration for everything I do.



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